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Why Have Axminster Carpet Always Been so Favoured?

Why Have Axminster Carpet Always Been so Favoured?

One of the most renowned carpets known worldwide is the “Axminster,” which is a pile carpet type named after the beautiful town of Axminster, in Southwest England, which even today still continues to make beautiful carpets.

  • These delightful works of art are unique and stand out with their attractive bright colourings, and high quality wool

And although the contemporary Axminster, nowadays, is indeed machine-woven, it still has that very special handmade look, which makes them very favoured with any customer who is looking for a top quality carpet, without high costs.

Matters of Quality and Style

  • Over the years, people have always associated the name Axminster with first class, because it has remained a reputable name in the world of carpeting for a number of centuries

And if you’re looking for the best in high quality Axminster or pure wool carpets in Brighton, make sure that you make use of a well-established and reliable local company for all your carpeting needs.

Axminster Carpet’s Origins

The Axminster carpet story began long ago in 1755, when one Thomas Whitty, started up a carpet making company in the town of Axminster. Carpet making in England during this period was helped by laws designed to promote locally made textile products, because foreign textiles were taking over the British home market.

And thus, the early Axminster carpets were delightfully handmade with quality and soon became very popular with the wealthy in society.

Copy Cats

However, with time, copyists started up carpet manufacturing companies, and for a brief period, Axminster carpets weren’t made in their place of origin. But, in the 1930s, a British carpet maker, by the name of named Harry Dutfield, wished to bring back the renowned Axminster carpet business, and due to his great efforts, he updated the manufacturing process, and created carpet looms which could design many patterns at a much more affordable price to other handmade carpets.

Quality Thy Name is Axminster

Axminster carpets come with a stiff backing, manufactured from linen, and with a soft pile. These gorgeous carpets are frequently used as throw rugs or stand-alone pieces, and also as area carpeting. If you fancy it, you can order a customised Axminster carpet, woven to a particular size and design.

  • And going even one further, Axminster carpets can even be creatively decorated with family crest designs and other thematic styles

Make Sure It’s Authentic

Most top quality carpet suppliers carry real Axminster carpets, or can order one. An Axminster carpet is definitely an option worth thinking about nowadays, if you wish for a great quality and visually attractive, durable, stain resistant carpet, in your home or office.

  • However, you should be aware that “Axminster” is not a protected name, so the quality can vary

Just make sure that you consult with a high quality, trustworthy, carpeting company, so that you are guaranteed to get the real thing.

Axminster will be around for many more centuries, that’s for sure!

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