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Vintage School Chairs – Back To School Of Pure

Vintage School Chairs

Homewee to the retro style of schoolchairs? The Dutch interior brand Zuiver has the solution for you. Thanks to their ‘Back to School chair, you’ll find the times in your home again, this time with a vintage



The old-fashioned chair from the school past is completely back but is bursting with energy and life! The dull colors are omitted and there are places for happy shades like red and orange that will change the connotation of the chair forever and forever.

Those who want to deal with something more neutral can choose white or black as color for the vintage chair. With the motto ‘less is more’ in mind, the chair makes your room subtle.

vintage school chairs white


The backrest and seat are made of plywood wood with an HPL (High Pressure Laminate) top layer. Plywood or plywood is a sheet-like composite material that is made up of different wood fines which are glued together. The steel frame is finished with a powder coating, making it available in different colors.

Thanks to the model and light weight of 4.6 kg, you can easily stack the chairs when not used.


With a height of 83 cm, a width of 43 cm and a depth of 38 cm, these seats give each user a comfortable seating experience. The seat height of this seat is 46 cm, allowing both larger and smaller people to enjoy.

schoolchairs vintage© Pure


For the Back to School chair you pay € 89, – and get the point on the i that your room still needs. These school chairs are available in six colors so that they can be integrated into any space.

vintage school chairs retro color


Pure is the Dutch interior brand of the moment. They have a wide range of furniture, lighting and accessories that give each interior style an extra touch.

The enthusiastic team is following up on the latest interior trends and constantly creating new affordable designs. Pure picks out with a very own style characterized by color, daring and originality.

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