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Types of Air Conditioners available at Paytm Mall

Types of Air Conditioners available at Paytm Mall

Gone are those days when summers in an Indian household would mean switching on the water coolers with their khus-khus lined windows. Now in summers to beat the heat outside, most of the households have air-conditioners installed in their homes.

Broadly air conditioners are of two types: –

  1. Window AC
  2. Split AC

Window AC

  • A window Ac is characterized by one unit which houses all components of the air conditioner and is installed in the windows of the rooms.
  • Noise from the AC is audible and can be disturbing
  • Easy to install and costs involving installation are lower
  • Easy and cheap servicing
  • Can be fitted in less space
  • Consumes more power and electricity
  • Cools a very limited space

Split AC

  • A split AC is characterized by two units – the indoor unit comprises of the evaporator and the outdoor unit comprising of the compressor and the condenser.
  • A single outdoor unit can support number of indoor units
  • Noiseless and silent as the compressor is in the outdoor unit of the AC
  • Tedious installation process and charges are higher
  • Higher servicing costs and difficult to service this ac
  • Sufficient space is required in the outdoors to mount the outdoor unit. However it renders the indoor aesthetic
  • Energy efficient
  • Capable of cooling large areas as the cooling vent is bigger

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency rates air conditioners and gives them star ratings. The rating is done on EER which stands for Energy Efficiency Ratio. This ratio basically portrays the cooling of an area vis-à-vis the consumption of electricity. The better the EER, the higher is the star rating. The higher the star rating, the more energy efficient the air conditioner is. Which means that a 5 star rated AC uses lesser electricity to cool a certain space as compared to a 3 star rated AC which will use more electricity to cool that same place. Though technically both window and split ac’s have good EERs, however split AC’’s have more options in the 5 star rating category.

The Inverter AC is an extension of the Split AC but much more energy efficient. It does not follow the traditional on and off stages of the compressor. Once the area is cooled, the compressor will operate at varying cooling speed thereby saving electricity and cooling the area much better. 

Air conditioner prices

Window AC’s are traditionally more affordable than the Split AC’s. Let’s compare the online for few brands:

  • Indian Made:-A Voltas window ac 1.5 ton with 5 star rating is priced at Rs. 27490/- vis-à-vis a Voltas 5 ton split ac with a 5 star will cost Rs. 30999/-
  • Japanese Make: A Hitachi window ac 1.5 ton, 5 stars costs Rs.29499/- ; 5 ton split ac with 5 star rating costs Rs. 36499 and the Inverter ac with similar specifications costs Rs. 45900/-

For more information on the prices, features and discounts get onto a trusted shopping platform, the online portal that is a one-stop shop for all types of air conditioners.

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