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Tips For A Dust-Free House

Tips For A Dust-Free House

Do not want to dust off and brush all day to keep your house a little fresh and clean? Seen in more gives you tips to prevent dust and dirt and easy removal.

Prevent foulness at home

If no dust and dirt enter, you do not have to sweat so often, dust, suck and brush. These tips help prevent dirt from entering:

1 At each door, lay a thick mat: at the front door, kitchen door and patio doors to the garden. Especially when you have children, a lot of dust and dirt enter the house. A door mat takes up much dirt. A special shoe brush outside is also an outcome. Do not forget the mat at the garage door!
2 Let your children take off their shoes. Give yourself the good example and do it yourself too. Put a few slips at the door for each family member. Also make some comfortable slippers ready for guests.
3 Do you have pets? Then wipe their legs immediately after they have been outside. And if you regularly comb your hairy pets, it also saves a lot of hair and dust in your house.
4 Keep your house cleaned up. Loose items are true dust collectors and make it even more difficult to keep the house clean. Keep the space under the bed, the sofa and the bottom of the cabinets neatly.
5 drinksClean your hood regularly. The harder the suction sucks, the more dust is soaked and the less dust gets into the house. In addition, the hair of your pets can cause the filters to become clogged.
6 Wash the bedding every week. Your sheets are also huge dust collectors. Take off the bedding so that you do not spread any additional dust.
7 Knock dust out of the carpet and pillows every month. Are the covers of your sofa or dining chairs washable? Then after a wash it will be completely fresh and dust free!
8 Use a (damp) floor wiper to keep your wood, vinyl or stone floors clean. Do not use any dirt or mop, which keeps dust and dirt firmly in place. This will smear you again on the floor again, not so hygieni

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