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The Possibilities With Douglas Wood: The Trend Anno 2017

The Possibilities With Douglas Wood

Douglas wood is a strong wood type that is often used for building constructions in the garden. That’s why Douglas wood is also called construction wood. This wood is used in the year 2017 for the construction of various constructions in our garden.

Why douglas wood?

Douglas wood can be distinguished from other woods, such as Lariks and Vuren, because they have fewer nuts. The wood has a pink color, giving it a warm look. He is, however, somewhat yellow in color than Lariks and Vuren.

Another feature of this wood is that it can split (occurs mainly during drying). Always make sure that you bore when there is a nail or screw in the wood.

“Nails or screws? Make sure you bump it up, that does not break! “

You can prevent aging of the wood by using beits. Douglas wood is a good, durable wood that lasts about 10-15 years.

Douglas wood constructions

Douglas wood is very suitable as construction wood and is therefore used for the most diverse business. What are the trends in wood construction in your garden in 2017? I searched them for you!

1. Garden furniture of Douglas wood

A trend that lasts longer is that of wooden garden furniture. You can buy them ready, but the handy man (or woman) can also build something. And for this reason Douglas wood is again very suitable.
Build your own picnic table with this wood or create a beautiful dining table on the terrace.

Outside table douglas wood

2. Fencing

You also want privacy in your garden. You can choose natural vegetation with for example conifers, but you can also choose a fence. Here you do not need green fingers and it takes up less space in your garden. Douglas wood can also be used to make your own fence. You can get both poles and shelves in this wood type, making your fence beautifully unified.

3. Porch

Who does not want it in his garden now? Such a beautiful veranda, which makes you more comfortable outside. Are you going to build a veranda yourself, because this wood is well suited! Alternatively, you can alternate this wood with another type of wood. Always advise when buying wood.

Wooden veranda douglas wood

And now get started!

Convinced of this construction timber and got enough inspiration from the above ideas? Then you can get started yourself. You can easily order your Douglas wood online at HomingXL. Whether you are looking for shelves, beams or poles, they offer it. They also sell porches and furniture for those who do not like it

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