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That Are The 12 Best Tips To Install Your Student Room

Your Student Room

The hunt for the best student room has officially started! While you’re looking, stalking, responding and spamming for that one room in the middle of the city, we’re already thinking one step further. A dream home is of course great, but the decor makes your experience completely complete. That’s why Kamernet gives you the 12 best tips and hacks on how to set up your student room as clever, beneficial and beautiful as possible.

Bedroom-color-schemes-2012 designs

1. Use light colors in your interior
By incorporating light colors like white, beige cream or pastel shades into your room, it looks bigger and a bit quieter. Are you really crazy about color? Then choose for color in the form of accessories, such as cushions, vases pictures or paintings. As long as the undertones and the larger surfaces are light, your room will look bigger!

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3. Furniture can have multiple functions
Where your bed becomes your place of study, this is of course not the intention. One idea, for example, is to purchase a small dining table and chairs that you can eat and study. Bringing good candles also creates enough light and a nice learning environment. Also consider a sofa bed or stools with extra space in it.


4. Play with lights and candles to make the platter more comfortable. 
We understand that you do not have an unlimited budget to set up your room, but with simple means like Christmas lights, small (table) lamps or candles you can come a little further.


5. Planking on the wall
Although this sounds very logical, we should not underestimate them. Some shelves above your bed or above your table provide extra storage space without taking a lot of space in your room. It also looks very nice when you exchange books with vases, plants or other stuff. In addition, it is of course an advantageous alternative to a bookcase!


6. Use all small spaces optimally. 
Take a bed with space underneath, for example, you can lose a lot of things that you do not need daily in an organized way. At stores like Xenos and Ikea you can find many storage boxes in all sizes.


7. Take a look at the cycle
The search can take some streak, but sure there are hidden treasures hidden among all those poetry cards, ancient bronze angels and all that dust.


8. Mirror, mirror on the wall
Not only to give all the souls souls a good feeling, but a big mirror makes a room look bigger. Of course it is also ideal for the ‘last check’ for leaving your palace.

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9. Furniture can often be found for free. 
You can find quality, high quality, quality furniture through Marketplace, the local dump or your own network. Often, people who want to get rid of the excess things quickly and without hassle. It is therefore advisable to keep an eye on these opportunities, because who comes first, who first served! Please note that refurbishment of some furniture can take time, but it does not have to be expensive!

bedroom-amazing-bachelor-pad-bedroom-furniture-ideas-with-brown-low-bed-frame-and-soft-brown-headboard-along-with-soft-brown-leather-sofa-and-brown-wood- cabinet-marvelous-bachelor-pad-bedroom-furnit

10. What about low furniture? 
This may sound a bit crazy, but “low furniture” such as a low bed or a lower table occupies less space in your room, making your room look smaller. A colossal hotel bed and coarse oak table can be very beautiful, but will make your room unnecessarily full. Certainly when you have lots of stuff!


11. Pinterest, Instragram or Tumblr! 
No, this is not just for girls – we also recommend all gentlemen to create an account and collect all interesting interior ideas in one place. There are also many DIY ideas on these social media, which are fast, easy and cheap. Perfect for a unique touch in your interior, right?


12. Finally: Turn on your network
Do you have a handy grandpa? An uncle with a wood trade? Or a whole creative father? Maybe your brother or sister will soon become an interior designer. Do not hesitate and ask if they want to help you in setting up your home or at making small furniture. A table of scaffolding wood can be quite expensive in the store, so of course it is obviously the easiest (and cheapest) option.

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