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Side Table Of Plexiglas With Wooden Legs

Side Table Of Plexiglas

Style contrasts always work well in any interior. A style contrast can consist of colors, materials, but also material use. In this article we give an example of a style contrast in the form of material use. We keep it simple and affordable, so you can experiment with it without care.

A nice classroom, where the inexperienced clerk can take part, and where every clerk can learn a few handy things. We are going to make something very practical: a folding side table with a plexiglass blade.

Old meets new in a real eye catcher!


  • Wooden folding table / side table
  • Plexiglas plate, cast plexiglass 12 millimeters
  • 5 millimeter HSS drill (metal drill)
  • Tap M6
  • Bolts and washers M6
  • WD 40
  • Role of painting

Keep it simple and affordable, choose the right base (materials)

We will not make it more difficult than necessary, and therefore we will not make a complete table top. Because there are plenty of ready-to-use wooden clap and side tables on Marketplace, Scouts and Circuit Shops. This table only uses the chassis, the table top does not have to be perfect.

The new tabletop of plexiglas (also known as acrylate) will of course keep you perfect, and that’s why we focus on editing the plexiglas tabletop. To begin with, we keep the table top flat: do not come through screws or bolts. We are going to mount the table top from the bottom of the table frame, which means that the plexiglass must be thick enough to screw and bolt without passing through the top. That is why we choose a plexiglass plate that is thick enough: 12 millimeters is a good size.

Plexiglass is available at every building market, but that plexiglas is usually not suitable for this job. It’s easy to tear when you’re drilling and when you screw it in. What you need is cast plexiglas, and you’ll find it at the better online webshop. Here, they often sell different colors of plexiglas . These webshops also saw your order for free, giving you a perfect rectangular plate with tight edges. Tip: Order the plexiglass plate in the same size as the old table top.

Sign boreholes on the plexiglas tabletop

The style contrast in this project is not only reflected in the contrast wood-plexiglass, but also in the tight mounting of the table top on the wooden frame. Therefore, we will focus on the assembly of the plexiglas sheet. In this we are going to tap a thread, and for this we need to drill a hole in the correct diameter, whereupon the thread becomes “tapered”. The most important thing is that you work calmly.

First, draw the holes on the plexiglass plate. This is done by placing the old table top on the plate, where the mounting holes in the new plate are to paste the painting tape. The painting tape protects the surface of the sheet from cracking while editing, and you can properly print your boreholes. Pull the bore holes onto the plexiglass plate and measure everything well so that the plate is well on the table frame.

Drill holes and screw thread

OK, now it’s gonna start real work, we’re going to drill and drop. The thread size is M6, which is why we need to drill a 5 mm drill bit. To avoid burying the plate, stick a piece of paint tape at 8 millimeters from the drill bit. The total borehole is therefore not deeper than 8 millimeters.

Drill quietly and let the drill work, make sure that you drill well into the plate and that the plate is on a firm, flat surface. This way you drill all the holes. And do not forget: leave the painting tape and the protective film!

The next step is to thread the thread into the plexiglass plate. In each building market you can find wire taps. Place a M6 tap in the holder (the wring iron) and paste a piece of paint tape at 8 millimeters from the tip. Grease the tap with a little oil or WD 40.

Now you need to make sure that you tap the pin perfectly right into the borehole. Insert the tip of the tap into the borehole and turn the tap into the borehole. This is done step by step: after each 3 half revolutions of the tap, turn the tap halfway back. This breaks the chip and does not get too much stress in the plexiglas. In this way, tap the thread in all the boreholes. Then clean all the holes by sucking the residue with a vacuum cleaner.

Plexiglass table top on the table frame

Now comes the finishing touch: mount the tabletop. Remove the protective foil on the underside of the tabletop and place it on the table top. Now you only have to determine the length of the bolts. A simple method is to determine the depth of the hole, which will be your bolt length. Under the head of each bolt come two washers. This way you confirm the plexiglass plate on the table frame.

Caution: First tighten the bolts first, then tighten the bolts with a key. In addition, fixed is fixed. If a bolt extends to the end of the thread in the plexiglass plate, place an additional wash ring.

The finishing touch

Now you only have to remove the protective foil on the top. You can choose to treat the table top with a protective cover that protects against static charge (dust) and keeps the blade longer.

If you use your new table intensively, scratches can occur in the table top. Fortunately, you can make the table top as new by polishing it.

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