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Living Together With Family, How Are You Doing The Best?

How Are You Doing The Best

Isabelle has a very close relationship with her parents. It was therefore a logical choice to build an apartment on top of her mother and dad’s house. She lives with her daughter Juliette now. Living with family under one roof is fun and convenient but making a number of appointments is definitely needed. Isabelle gives some tips :

Tip 1: Provide a separate entry

For me, it was important that I could receive my visit via another entrance. For example, my parents do not bother and I have more privacy. It also gives a more separated feeling between our households and that is necessary.

Tip 2: Make good appointments

It’s important that you go into conversation and indicate what you can and can not. Things that disturb you must tell each other. Only so can you make some clear arrangements that everyone is happy with and make sure that there is no confusion about certain things.

Tip 3: Do not run the door flat constantly

The fact that we live under the same roof is very handy, we can deal with many things. But we’re not supposed to walk the door together. You also need to draw your own plan and find solutions instead of getting together for each little detail.

Tip 4: Install an inner line

A handy tool is an inner line. This way, you can call each other if you have a question or want to discuss something quickly. Then we should not walk in to each other. Finally, that would happen if we did not live in the same house.

Tip 5: Beat first

The main rule for us is: first knock, do not just come in.

Tip 6: You must understand

It happens that my parents suddenly agree if I do not like it. If you live in the same home, that happens sooner. For example, if something falls, my parents sometimes walk upstairs to ask if there is nothing wrong with it. Or if I want to construct my terrace, they give their opinion. It’s sometimes annoying, but also understandable if you live under 1 roof.

Tip 7: Consider each other.

In the end, my parents were originally their home, so you have to do things in concert. For me there are not really big disadvantages but of course you can not do anything about it yourself. You have to think about doing a bit and communicating openly to each other.

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