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How to Prevent Blocked Drains

How to Prevent Blocked Drains

Prevention is always better than cure – and this is especially the case when discussing the home drainage system. Years of abuse can take its toll on even the best of drainage systems which is why it’s important to look after them and reduce the risk of problems later on down the line.

Thankfully, there are steps you can take to prevent or at least reduce the likelihood of blockages from occurring in the first place. This article will provide you with several ways you can prevent blocked drains in your home.

Bin All Organic Waste

It is often tempting to allow small pieces of leftover food to wash away down your kitchen sink. Whilst these small pieces of food seem innocuous, over time they can build up to create serious problems.

Pouring waste fat and oil down the sink is also another problem. This fat may go down as a liquid but you will quickly find that it solidifies as it cools, leaving a nasty mess in the middle of your pipework.

Flush Only Paper Down the Toilet

Only toilet paper should be flushed down your toilet. Everything else including kitchen towel, cotton buds, and used sanitary products should go into the bin.

Anything thicker or heavier than pieces of toilet tissue can’t be broken down easily by water. This means that those pieces of strong kitchen towel will sit inside your waste drainage system for a long time, allowing other waste to join them and create one large blockage.

Buy A Chemical Drain Unblocker

It is a good idea to carry out preventative maintenance on all of your heavily used sinks and basins in the form of chemical drain unblockers. They work by breaking down and dissolving all waste deposits that have built up in your pipework over time.

Do be careful when using these products as some contain chemicals that create fumes when they come into contact with water. Always wear rubber gloves and actively avoid getting any of the solution on your skin.

Watch Where Your Hair Ends Up

Hair is very resilient and can wrap itself around anything it comes across. All hair needs to be removed from plug holes with the use of a metal wire if possible.

Consider installing a filter to the drain holes of your bathroom shower and basin to prevent this hair from entering your drainage system where you can throw it into the bin instead.

Use Your Drain Plunger

Everyone should have a toilet or drain plunger in their home. They can be used to clear sink, basin and shower plug holes to remove any blockages that may be occurring. Your plunger is best used on a weekly basis to keep on top of all of the drains within your home. We find that this simple action along with the other preventative tips outlined are sufficient to prevent major blockages.

Call a Drainage Expert

Sometimes we’re a little too late and the damage has already been done. In these instances, it’s time to call on the assistance of a professional. Drain cleaning in Deal can be carried out by several different drainage companies who operate across London, Kent and Essex. Simply explain your problem and request a quotation.

Keeping on top of the health of your drains should be your first course of action so make sure that you’re following the outlined advice.

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