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How to Choose a Garden Sprinkler

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If you want to maintain that green, healthy-looking glow every time you glance at your front or backyard, then you need to choose the right garden sprinkler tool. If you have the best garden sprinkler, then you’ll no doubt become the envy of all your neighbors. Using a traditional garden hose may not do the trick (plus it can become downright tiresome at times).

Having a desirable garden with a vibrant offering to the eyes can even land you a spot in home and garden magazines. Wouldn’t it be nice to see your garden in a magazine or online page and say, “Hey, that’s my lawn!” The moment might be fleeting, but it’s going to last forever. If you’re already feeling giddy about the experience, then the first step to achieving that dream is to learn how to choose a garden sprinkler. Luckily, you’re here right now as we’re here to help you out in that regard.

The Benefits of Using the Right Garden Sprinkler 

Before we head to the parts that’ll educate you on how you should search for the right garden sprinkler, let’s first look at the main advantages of using the correct sprinkler system for your lawn. First, many sprinkler systems no longer require a lot of maintenance procedures. In fact, most don’t even require manual assistance just to make the sprinklers function. Once you’ve properly installed them, set the timer and they’re ready to go! Also, you’ll no longer worry yourself about annoying kinks that might take place when you’re using a traditional garden house. Finally, you can acquire greater control regarding your home’s water usage. As a result, you’ll even save a few bucks on your monthly utility bill.

The Questions You Need to Ask 

When you search for clothing, you might come across some products labeled “One Size Fits All.” That’s not the case when you’re trying to buy the right garden sprinkler system. Begin your search by asking yourself a few questions. What’s the size of my garden? Do I want the water to concentrate on a specific area on my lawn? Do I need the lawn irrigation system in the non-turf areas? Does my garden have different types of soil (thus requiring varying water needs)? Is my garden found on top of a slope or flat earth? Asking yourself these questions as you begin your search will allow you to make your life easier than before; well, when you’re looking for the right sprinkler system, anyway. If you’re new to the whole gardening gig, then you can always ask the experts on what they can recommend for your lawn.

Take a Look at the Different Types of Lawn Sprinklers 

There are different models of garden sprinkler systems existing on the current market. However, all of these systems can be placed into six different major classifications. These categories are the following: sprays, rotor heads, drip systems, standing or spikes, oscillating, and traveling sprinklers. Each sprinkler system type will have its unique set of pros and cons. For instance, if you use the traditional spray sprinkler system, then you should only use it on small to medium spaces. Sprays will allow you to properly work on flat surfaces and on other highly absorbent soils like sand. If you want to make the water travel far from the sprinkler, then you need a rotor head system. Rotor heads an ideal choice for large areas like lawns, parks, and even golf courses. Once again, it’s important to do your research first before attempting to pull money out of your wallet.

Metal vs. Plastic Sprinkler Systems 

Aside from looking at the type of sprinkler system, you should also consider its construction. While metal sprinklers provide a long-lasting solution to watering your garden, these tend to cost an arm and a leg (especially if your bank account isn’t ready at the moment for such an investment). On the other hand, plastic sprinklers are a cheaper alternative to metal systems, but they don’t carry the same level of durability.

Once again, it’s highly important to do your research first before you decide on which sprinkler system to buy. If you make the mistake of buying a sprinkler system for a large lawn as you use it on your small garden, then expect your windows to become wet as well. On the other hand, if you use a sprinkler system ideal for a small garden on a large golf course, then you’re not going to effectively and efficiently water the plants in the area.

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