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Garage Doors – Practicality or Visual Appeal?

Garage Doors - Practicality or Visual Appeal

People generally tend to do whatever they can to ensure that their home looks great, whether it be in the architectural design, the colour décor, or simply making the garden look beautiful with a colourful assortment of flowers. The garage is often somewhat overlooked and is thought of as a utilitarian part of the house, where functionality is the only consideration. This does not have to be the case though, as today we have a wider range of garage door options than ever before, which offer both visual appeal and great practicality.

Garage Door Varieties

When we think of garage doors, two main varieties typically come to mind. Firstly, there is the typically standard double doors, which open in the centre and swing back to allow us in or out. The second most common option is the overhead door, which lifts from the floor and opens by ascending to the roof level. These are generally manually operated, though electric powered options are on the market. A third option exists, that is extremely practical, has great looks, yet many people may not have seen or be aware of.

Horizontal Sliding Garage Doors

The Horizontal Sliding Garage Door offers many advantages over other options. Sliding doors are made up of several horizontal panels, which slide on a rail, allowing for a smooth, swift operation, providing you with fast and easy access, with minimal effort, to gain access to your garage. They offer a number of technical benefits, including opening up the space above your car’s roof.This is a favourite place for hanging up ladders, maybe a kayak, fishing rods, surfboards etc. An up and over door makes your options for using this space somewhat reduced. Another shortcoming of the up and over door, not experienced with the sliding door, is that you have to open it all the way to get in without having to bend down. Horizontal sliding garage doors from Nottinghamto Notting Hill can easily be opened to any width to allow you and whatever you are carrying in, or out. Opening the doors enough to let some air and light in if you are working in the garage, without having to have it fully extended, is also handy, especially if it is cold or very windy. The simplicity of its operation, is in stark contrast to the chains, pulleys and springs on an overhead door, which have a tendency to break.

Versatility in Design

Horizontal sliding doors look great. They can really be the finishing touch on the exterior of your home. There is a very wide range of design options, in colour, appearance and operation, which can make your doors, not just supremely functional, but aesthetically gratifying at the same time. Flexible enough in operation to curve and slide round any obstacles, and available in both manual and electrically operated, your local installers design team, will work with you to offer a unique design, to give your home a sleek and contemporary finish.

Material options for these doors include a range of different wood effects, aluminium and steel, simultaneously offering insulated panels, which can ensure excellent climate control within the garage space.

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