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Follow This Roadmap And You Are Sure That Your New Furniture

Your New Furniture

Once you’ve found the ultimate dream home or apartment, it’s time to really make your dream home. Looking for new furniture so! But before any disappointments arise, take into account some important things. Because of course, your dreaming must fit home.

You must break these bad habits when setting up . To save you the rest of the annoying sores and to make it even more fun, we put some tips for you in a row.

Step 1: Measure, measure and measure again

This probably sounds very obvious, but it’s really unimportant if you buy something new. Measure each wall there and draw a map on a scale. Also include the height of the ceiling. And note: make a distinction between the normal dimensions and the available space remaining. For example, think of radiators or other small things that make the surface less useful. Cut out paper thumbnail versions to scale out of the pieces of furniture you want. This way you can fit and measure in small and you will not be surprised if the perfect bank suddenly does not fit the corner you want him to. Have you purchased the furniture? In this order, you may want to set up your interior .

Step 2: Measure the tramway and the doors

Next step, keep the tape measure with you. Have you found the perfect new furniture and are you convinced that it fits home ? Please wait while buying, because you have nothing to do with a beautiful piece of furniture that can not be in because the door or stairway is too narrow. You need more than ten centimeters to get a piece of furniture through a door, stairway or in the elevator. Do you need an angle? Consider some extra space to prevent you from getting into the above situation. Tips for doubters: For example, try to get through with a flat piece of cardboard of the right size. In fact, in an elevator, more often than you think, check for a little extra.


Step 3: Leave space

To keep something functional it is important that you also take care of space around it. Unless of course you want a dining table without chairs or pleasure with a narrow path to walk between the furniture. Usually this is not the case. So note that there is enough free space. Rather, a house that is in balance than a house full of beautiful things you can not even agree with, right? This will prevent further mistakes while moving .


Step 4: Make it visual

Do you buy your furniture online? Then it is often more difficult to imagine how something comes out. Usually the dimensions are quite reliable, but only on a map does not get a good picture. The solution: Find the dimensions of the piece of furniture you want to purchase and make the circumference with tape on the ground. Then you can see if the doors can open. Another useful way to visualize these are free apps that help you set up your home . Want to know how the furniture will fill the room? Then use cardboard boxes. It takes you a little more work, but you’ll see how much space is consuming.


Step 5: Check how much your car fits

Last but not least. Do you transport your goods yourself? Nothing is annoying than getting into the parking lot that your new items do not even fit into the car. Therefore, check the amount of space you have in advance. Measure it and see if it’s possible to back down the back seats. Does not it really matter? Fortunately, there are always booths that you can rent. But, of course, it’s finer if you can just move

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