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Five Steps to Moving

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Moving is a time-consuming and sometimes expensive process. There are several different options for how you should move when you finally decide to do so. If you have the time to plan far in advance, that is definitely going to give you the most options and save you the most money. Many people attempt to save money by hiring their friends, but this is not always a good choice. Your friends are not certified and insured; therefore, if they break anything, you will not have the means to be compensated. Also, your friends will likely move much slower than professional movers; that means your move will take much longer and end up costing you more money. The best way to move is by hiring professionals and planning in advance.

1 – Call the Professionals

The first step when you’re moving is to call professionals as soon as you know your moving day. If you know your moving day, you will be able to schedule a move, even if it is months in advance. Many moving companies prefer that you schedule as far in advance as possible. They tend to call their employees when they have their schedules set. Knowing how many moves they’ll have on a given day makes it much easier for them to make work schedules. Once you’ve called professionals for your removals in East Anglia, you need to start getting your house in order.

2 – Recycle as Much as Possible

Once you’re ready to start moving, your first step should be to recycle as much as you can. You should recycle or donate anything you have not used in a long time and do not plan to use in your new house. Something like power tools or a couch repair kit do not get a lot of use day-to-day, but they will be useful in the future; the things you should recycle are things like furniture or clothing that you never use. Donating such items will make your move much faster. You would be wasting time and energy moving things you don’t ever intend to use.

3 – Start Boxing

You should start boxing up your items as soon as you can, even if it seems like it’s far in advance. If you box up things you do not use often, such as tools and repair kits, you won’t have to rush to box them up on moving day. Since you do not use them very often, they won’t be missed as you wait for your moving day.

4 – Eat Food

Many people forget to clean out the contents of their refrigerators before they move. If you are moving, you don’t want to have to move food, especially perishable items. You should start eating food that will perish during a move such as fresh vegetables. Depending on how far you are moving, the frozen food can likely be eaten last.

5 – Label Boxes

Finally, you should remember to label your moving boxes. Label the corresponding rooms in the new home as well. That way, the movers will have an easier time putting things where they need to go.

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