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Copenhague Round Table – Hay

Copenhague Round Table

Functionality is the priority of Hay’s Copenhague collection. The fact that the furniture from this collection is easy to stack is an illustration of that. The Hay Copenhague round table provides oak wood for a cozy and warm look.


The Hay Copenhague table does not have too many whistles and bubbles. The table legs and the table top are made of oak wood, although you can also choose colored linoleum for the table top. The simplicity of this round table underlines the functionality of the Hay Copenhague collection.


The advantage of a round dining table is that she offers a lot of cosiness. The diameter of the Hay Copenhague table is 120 or 140 centimeters. In the smaller version there are three table legs, the larger version has four. The round table has a height of 74 centimeters.

There is also a Copenhague Deux range, especially for smaller spaces. The round table of this series has a diameter of 75 or 98 centimeters.

Hay Copenhague round table


Although this table is quite simple, you can even determine its look somewhat. For example, the oak can be stained, lacquered or matted. For the table top in linoleum, you can also choose from different colors, including black, gray and green

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