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Copenhagu Rectangular Table – Hay

Copenhagu Rectangular Table

The rectangular Hay Copenhague table is a simple and sleek piece of furniture. The simplicity of this dining table fits well in the Copenhague range, where functionality is central. The oak tree provides a neutral but modern appearance of the table.


The design of the rectangular dining table from the Hay Copenhague range is minimalist. A tight table top and 4 stylish table legs, more does not have to be for a modern dining table. The oak tree gives a warm and inviting appearance to the table.


This modern dining table is available in 200, 250 or 300 centimeter lengths. The width is 90 or 120 centimeters. The height of the table, like the round table in the Hay Copenhague range , is 74 centimeters. However, there is another variant, with a length of 200 centimeters, a width of 80 centimeters and a height of 105 centimeters.

Hay Copenhague rectangular table


As far as the finish of this dining table is concerned, there is a reasonable choice. For example, the oak can be saponified, lacquered or stained. The table top is also enrichable in linoleum. In colors you can choose from black, white, green and gray. You can of course also keep the natural look of the oak wood at the table top. You can thus determine the appearance of the table itself.

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