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Concrete VS Fibreglass Pools

Concrete VS Fibreglass Pools

Deciding on what type of swimming pool to get can seem like a scary task but nowadays there are too few reasons not to get one installed. Especially when the summers are so hot and unbearable. Having a swimming pool to jump into at the end of a long scorching day is quite a nice thought when you know a cold shower just won’t have the same effect as lounging in the cool water with a cold one.

With so many different choices it can be confusing when deciding on what type of pool to have installed. It all comes down to what you need and want for your backyard and how much work you’re willing to put in.

Fibreglass is quick and easy to install and is built to last. The strong and rigid design makes it a reliable option.

Thanks to free on-site pool design with no obligations you can get a clear idea of what you’ll be getting. It can be built to any shape which means you have a wide array of choices to pick and choose from. You will be spoilt for choice with the unique designs and shapes available. Indoor or outdoor are both options when deciding where you will want your pool installed. Thanks to all the different shapes it can be suited to any sized backyard. It will be individually moulded and designed to suit your unique space.

When it comes to fibreglass pools it has a short installation time and takes a lot less time than a concrete pool. It also has lower maintenance costs and heats up a lot faster and can in add value to your home when you’re reselling.

Concrete pools can be custom-built to suit a variety of preferences and with its amazing bespoke designs, you’ll be spoiled for choice. And it can be fitted into any sized backyard because of its versatility. There are zero constraints when you think of the different shapes and designs you might want.

A concrete pool can be installed indoors or outdoors whether it’s under the sun or even under a roof. The client can be as actively involved as they want to be as well, making sure they’ll get exactly what they want. Thanks to free on-site pool design you can see if it works without any obligation, especially with the multiple design options that you’ll be able to choose from. You’ll even be able to combine the swimming pool with an alfresco spa, outdoor kitchen or gazebo.

It’s easy to clean and maintain so it takes a lot less time for upkeep. The concrete pool also repels algae and it’s not like the concrete you see on the street, it’s smooth to the touch. It’s durable and will last a very long time, and it can even have certain special features added. And if you decide to move one day it will add to the value of your house, because a swimming pool is always something that people like to have.

Gone are the days where every pool looked exactly alike. Nowadays there’s so much more of a variety to pick and choose from. You’ll get exactly what you want and it’s something you’ll be using every spring and summer when the weather starts to really heat up.

The Aussie weather is something that’s always predictable so a swimming pool will be the greatest investment you make especially during the summer holidays when the family are over for Christmas and the sun is at its highest.

Doesn’t matter what you decide, you’ll get what you want and need and you won’t be regretting it anytime soon.

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