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Basics of Gardening: 4 Tips to for Building Your Dream Garden

Basics of Gardening: 4 Tips to for Building Your Dream Garden

Planting flowers are just the first step if you want to focus on gardening and they add vibrant shades to your yard. While gardening is a difficult job, you’ll likely find it a comfortable one in the future. Start by choosing the area to plant your flowers and arrange the beds more accurately. Then, you can grow or plant flowers to design your new garden. But, before that, here are some tips to help you make your dream garden! 

Examine the Light Levels.

You may already have a good notion of where you want to plant the flowers; however, you just can’t start planting, as numerous plants require different amounts of sunlight. You can observe over the course of the day, examining it on an hourly basis to determine which area gets better sunlight (for at least six hours) and which one is partially shaded. It can help to make a map of areas you’d like to plant and then place the signs “full” and “partial” for each hour you evaluate on the areas. Bear in mind that you might need to perform maintenance that includes separating and deadheading flowers. Make sure to leave gaps between plants so that you have enough room to walk across them.


Moreover, put your garden in a noticeable area. If you plant your garden in a neglected field of the yard, you may forget about it, meaning it dies without you knowing. But, if you plant it in areas you can see every day, you’re more likely to be reminded about its maintenance. 

Get Rid of the Grass!

To plant flowers, clearing the soil is necessary, as it gives your flowers room to grow! Dig it out by using a shovel to reach the roots and grass; hence, allowing you to easily pull out the top layer of the grass. For an easier route, place newspapers all over the area. On top of the newspapers, place a pot of soil combined with compost or topsoil. The soil covering should be at least 3 inches thick. Leave the covering on the ground and wait for a specific time. The sod will die off and the newspaper eventually becomes a part of the soil. 

Increase the Fertility of Your Soils.

Most garden soils aren’t good for planting flowers; hence, you have to enrich it! The simplest way is to add shredded leaves, peat moss, and compost into the top. Usually, most organic materials will be efficient. You can even make use of old manure. If you can’t dig into the soil, you can place the organic material on top and after a specific period, it will eventually become a part of the soil. 

If you find your soil difficult to work with, build a raised bed. Raised beds are good for areas with soil that have high clay content and with rocky or sandy surfaces. Read more about THE KEY TO YOUR DREAM GARDEN from trusted sources.

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