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Alternative DIY Christmas Tree Decoration

Alternative DIY Christmas Tree Decoration

Christmas reappears: time to think about what theme or color you choose this year to choose your Christmas decoration . The home and garden stores are full of beautiful decorations. So many choices: different colors, materials and shapes. Great to walk along and inspire you for your Christmas decorations this year.

Another option is to make your Christmas decorations this year (part of) . Do you want to go creative for a beautiful Christmas? Then I’ve listed some DIY Christmas tree decorations below. You need little materials for all options. Important is that you want to get started. Then you soon have your own unique Christmas decoration.

Stop white feathers in a glass of christmas ball or fill the Christmas ball with colored variants.

You can choose steel wire or sturdy iron wire, it’s just what you find more beautiful. Save three nails in the shape of a triangle in a wooden shelf. Consider how big you want to make the steel wire ball, for example, you can choose a distance between the 4 cm nails or more if you want a bigger christmas ball.

Then wrap the wire 7 or 8 times around. Keep in mind that you want to get the wire off again, so do not wrap the wire too tight. Then pull the threads in one piece and bend them to a circle (instead of triangle). With a thin piece of thread you can hook it up to hang the bulb in the Christmas tree.

Narrow your Christmas ball with thin and short stripes of fabric. For example, you can choose jute or linen.

Saw thin slices of wood, work the wood by brushing it a bit. With a thin drill, make your holes on the top. Then you can paint a white or black paint on a white or black paint. Allow the paint to dry and then attach a ribbon or wire to the wooden christmas ball.

You can also be creative with cake molds. You can choose personal photos or images or choose a colorful cardboard to paste on the back. This makes you own cake moldings ornament. Attach a ribbon or wire to the top.

Place a short sprig in a glass of christmas ball. You can choose for example eucalyptus or pine branches. You can even make a small terrarium. Keep in mind that this Christmas ball will be less noticeable in the Christmas tree by its own green stuff. You can also choose to hang these decorated Christmas balls in a different place.

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