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Affordable Metal Blacking Solutions in Kit Form

Each kit contains the antiquing fluid

If you were to ask an established antique dealer what process can really make a piece special, they would likely reply that antiquing – a metal blackening process – is a cost effective way to give an antique piece some real character. This used to be a painstaking process and could only be carried out in a special metal blackening workshop, but with pioneering advances bringing us room temperature solutions, it is now possible to actually order a metal blacking kit online, with everything you need to do the job, adding some depth and protection to a valuable antique.

A Chemical Reaction

Metal blacking is not a coating, rather the process creates a chemical reaction on the metal surface, and because the item is fully immersed in the solution, it gets into every nook and cranny. This means that the antique not only looks more distinguished, it is also protected against any form of corrosion, as metal blacking is primarily used in the engineering industry as a protection. Each kit contains the antiquing fluid, several immersion baths and a degreasing solution, and with easy to follow instructions, one can affordably blacken any metal surface, even in the smallest of spaces.

Range of Metal Applications

The blacking process can be carried out with the following metals:

  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Pewter
  • Silver
  • Nickel

Of course, there is a range of different solutions, each offering a different effect, and as an example, Blackfast 183, will turn brass a dark brown, and by buffing up the edges, it brings out a nice contrast.

Expert Advice

Many people would be reluctant to try something on an expensive antique without first making sure the result will be as expected, and with an online supplier of metal blacking kits, you can always ask their advice regarding any aspect of the metal blacking process. If you live in the southern part of England, the supplier would be happy to conduct some tests for you, which will allow you to see the effects prior to making a selection.

Safe and Cost Effective

Whether you run a small engineering business or want to brighten up some antiques, DIY metal blacking is both safe and cost effective, and with easy to follow instructions, anyone can carry out the process. The blacking process is ideal for precision machined parts, as the process does not add anything to the item’s dimensions, which is essential.

Once an item has been through the blacking process, it is protected against the corrosion that eventually effects all metals, and this offers a high level of protection whatever the metal.  Some machined parts do require anti-corrosion treatment, yet coating or electroplating is costly, whereas metal blackening using kits allows everyone to take advantage of this innovative process. If you would like to know more about metal blacking solutions and applying it yourself, an online search will put you in touch with an established supplier, and with their expert advice, you can easily make the right choice of kit.

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