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8 Tips For Setting Up A Small Living Room

8 Tips For Setting Up A Small Living Room

Unfortunately, we do not all have a large living room. This does not mean that you have a lot of options with a small living room. A nice atmosphere can also be created in a smaller living room. These 8 tips help you to set up a small living room.

Tip 1: Choose a light interior

Perhaps one of the most important tips: choose from a small living room for a light interior. Neutral colors on the wall and light color furniture make a small living room optical space.

Tip 2: Use the height

The use of height is definitely a must in your small living room. Let the living room look higher by placing a narrow furniture against the wall. Wide furniture will make the room look smaller.

Tip 3: Increase the space optically

If you would like to increase the space optically, you can use a mirror. Please note, use 1 large mirror, do not choose multiple children. Another possibility is to use a poster wall, as a result of which the space is optically larger.

Tip 4: Use spacious furniture

Large pieces of furniture work more spaciously than possible small furniture. Choose for one large couch instead of 2 couches.

Tip 5: Take a look through the furniture

Make sure your sofa and your furniture are open at the bottom. Choose for a bench set on legs and make sure that cabinets do not have tight skirting boards. View under the furniture increases the floor area.

Tip 6: Use the same color for floor and wall

One of the basic rules is to use almost the same color for the floor as the color used on the walls. In this way, the room forms a whole and furniture seems to float in the living room.

Tip 7: Choose for multifunctional pieces of furniture

– Dining table with slider blade, this way you can put a big table as needed.
– Use the window sill as a window box if possible. Very handy for extra seating.
– Sofa bed, very handy for creating additional sleeping space
– Pockets with storage space, very handy for storing small bugs.
– Salon table with storage space, all additional storage space is nicely taken.

Tip 8: Keep it clean

A tidy house feels more spacious. Rounded bags, books, newspapers, remote control, …. make a space restless and full. A small space looks bigger when loose items are neatly stored. Therefore, provide sufficient storage space.

What do you think of these tips for a small living room? Maybe you have more smart tips or ideas? Let us know on our

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