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7 Things To Consider Before Choosing Storage Tanks

Choosing Storage Tanks

It is important to use high-capacity storage tanks for wide array of industries, but also to meet water storage demands for times a day when water use is high and for protection against fires. It is the common practice of most water utilities to use storage tanks as the preparation for peak water periods or for fire emergencies.

That is why most storage facilities contain large water storage capacities that you can use for non-emergency usage. Some of them, especially old ones, have overflow elevation that will keep the pressure on the water system. You can use concrete or bolted tanks, and you will be able to distribute water for a case that you need it.

But before you start shopping for tanks, you should have in mind a few factors that could help you find the tank with right storage and best value for the job you need it.

  • Materials

The first thing that you should consider before choosing a storage tank is the volume of materials that you need to store because that will help you determine which construction material you should use for the tank.

If you want to choose large volume tanks, we recommend you to go for concrete or bolted steel containers. Welded and bolted steel tanks can accommodate a wide range of materials and volumes.

  • Tank Size

This particular step depends on your specific requirements and available space that you have. If you have a limited amount of space, you should consider smaller width and taller height. On the other hand, if you have an unlimited amount of space, you can expand it in width and make it shorter in height.

Both solutions are great because it will help you accommodate a wide array of volumes and materials.

  • Environment

The quality, size, and material of storage tank also depend on seismic conditions, wind loads and roof loads, which is the essential criteria in designing the storage. Therefore, you should have in mind the relevant information on the area you wish to place the storage because that will reduce the hassle of replacing it due to failure.

  • Corrosion Resistant Coating

You should have in mind that the main issue that could happen to the storage tank is corrosion, which is why you should consider contacting it properly. On the other hand, some materials feature resistant materials such as stainless steel, but you should also consider adding layers of coating.

You should consider this important feature before choosing the appropriate tank, especially if you live in the environment with rainy weather.

  • You Can Easily Expand It

The best thing about storage containers is the convenient ability to expand the size of the tank by adding new structural elements. Bolted steel tanks have the possibility where you will get the tank in different parts, and when some part is damaged or if you want to expand it further, you have to add the additional element.

  • The Safety Factor

We recommend you to consider the coating you choose and check whether it passed certain certifications and tests, especially if you plan to store liquids. Imagine buying a tank that could end in severe corrosion, and create a problem for your personal and people who use the water.

Have in mind that for drinking water, you have to use coatings by NSF Standard 61 Certified. For more information on certification click here.

  • Choose Additional Features

The most common features for storage tanks nowadays are overflow inlet, vents, side and roof access, discharge nozzles, perimeter guardrails, ladders and liquid level indicators. You should consider these features before you choose the appropriate storage tank because they will increase the convenience and simplicity of using it.


The first and main rule in choosing the appropriate storage tank is always to be one step ahead. Therefore, we recommend you to conduct an interview and thorough research on at least three manufacturers and check their past ventures so that you can determine the best one and make a quality purchase.

Have in mind that appropriate storage tanks require certain maintenance, which is why you should understand how they function before you make an order.

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