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5 Must Ask Questions for Potential Contractors

5 Must Ask Questions for Potential Contractors

Finding the right type of contractor is vitally important for the success of your project, they’ll be spending a lot of time at your premises, so you better make sure you hire someone who you find trustworthy and easy to get along with. In order to find the right candidate, you must gather background information about the business and its employees. Here are some important questions to ask any potential contractor before hiring.

  1. What is their company’s background history?

Before you make a choice, you should do as much digging as possible to find out who you are hiring. You can ask questions about their employees and previous jobs they have been involved in, find out if their workers are qualified and insured in case of an incident on your property. Do your best to find out whether they’ve been involved in legal proceedings, have they ever declared bankruptcy or been sued for negligence.

  1. Who will supervise the project?

Ask the contractor who will supervise the project while on-site, who will monitor the area and deal with subcontractors and delivery personnel. Insurance is also very important when working on a building site, for example, if you plan on hiring groundwork companies in Norwich for your driveway renovation, you’ll want guarantees that all their employees are fully insured and qualified to be on the job.

  1. How much time does your contractor propose to be on-site each day?

To limit disturbances, especially if you are running a business, you’ll want to find out how much time your contractor plans to stay each day. If they can work early in the morning for 4 hours a day, at least you know that you’ll have time in the evenings to operate as normal once they’ve left. You can make use of this window to perform more difficult tasks.

  1. Will the contractor be on-site, or will they only visit the project sporadically?

It is important to find out whether the person you spoke to while making arrangements is the one who will be on-site while the project gets underway. There is no point in agreeing on certain things, only to find out that that person won’t be on-site every day during construction. A dependable, accountable person should be on hand at all times to limit disruptions and honour agreements.

  1. How long will the project take?

You should ask for a timeline, it is better to know how long the project is going to take so you can plan for future events. A professional contractor should be able to provide you with a fixed start date and completion time, that includes all clean up duties and other loose ends. Make sure to include this information in the contract once it is drawn up.

There is a whole host of questions you must ask any potential contractor before hiring them, be sure to focus on the most important ones and make a list if you don’t want to forget any when you speak to a contractor in person. Aim for a reputable, affordable, first-rate organisation.

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