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10 Simple Tips To Save Energy At Home

Save Energy At Home

Solar panels, cogeneration or roof or wall insulation require a considerable investment. But with common sense you also save a lot of energy. Put the heater down before creeping in bed, do not let the refrigerator run to the highest position and apply warm socks to home. Other interventions seem surprising at first sight, but can make a big difference together.


The heating takes a big bite out of your energy budget. Therefore, we start with some tips that can reduce your energy consumption in terms of heating.

  1. Do not put anything on the radiators! Does your radiator regularly wash towel or wet laundry? Buy a drying rack soon. Covered radiators lose ten percent of their efficiency.
  1. Switch off your boiler for long absence or in summer. A boiler in watchstand loses up to 250 m3 of gas annually.
  1. Also use solar energy without solar panels. Open the curtains when the sun shines to warm your house up to the maximum. Natural light is also best for the human eye.


Nothing goes above a well-insulated property. But with these simple procedures you can also make a difference.

  1. Avoid trip. Close to large gaps or holes with rubber or synthetic solutions from the DIY store. Do not forget that insulation goes hand in hand with ventilation.
  1. Attach aluminum foil between the walls and the radiators. For example, the heat is not immediately lost in the outside wall, but is reflected in the heated space. A low aluminum foil foam provides extra insulation.

Household appliances

We use them daily and often do not mind the electricity they consume. Perhaps these tips can inspire you to get more aware of electrical appliances.

  1. Choose economical household appliances. Use the energy label as a guide. Washing machines, toasters or water boilers: Today you find them all in the store with an energy label with green, yellow and red arrows. Prefer the “green” devices from the energy classes A to A +++.
  1. Use the big consumer, like the fridge, dishwasher and washing machine, in an intelligent way. For example, avoid installing the refrigerator near a heat source, do not fill it unnecessarily, and keep the temperature at least 4 degrees for the refrigerator and at -18 for the freezer.
  1. Buy a plug with switch. Even if lamps out of their or charger are not connected, they consume a little amount of energy. Whoever has the habit of having the chargers in the socket benefits from a plug with a switch. Provided that you always turn them off naturally.
  1. Use light bulbs or led lamps. They may be a bit more expensive, but you will not be mistaken: they will take a bit longer, saving you a lot of money at the end of the ride. Energy saving lamps need heating time and are therefore less suitable for places where the light must be on and off briefly.
  1. Also a television screen is an energy freezer. Those who choose a economical LCD device save more than 60 percent compared to a classic display tube.

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